Our Founder


Roberta Heiman

Fueled by her passion to improve the quality of life for everyone within the Evansville area region, Robert Heiman founded the Evansville-Area Trails Coalition (ETC) in 2009 in order to gain support for the completion of walking and biking trails.

Roberta remained dedicated to the work and advocacy of ETC and served within the board of directors in many capacities, from president to at-large member from 2009 until she retired from the board of directors in December of 2018.

Robert’s heart for community members to have safe, connected places to live healthy active lives will be carried on by ETC’s Board of Directors and staff.

As a 42-year reporter and a long-time Evansville community leader, Roberta has bettered the lives of many underprivileged individuals and families and is a pillar in the effort for our connected trails network system. Thank you, Roberta, for your many years of dedicated service to ETC’s mission!