Maps & plans

The mission of the Evansville Trails Coalition is to connect people and places, to promote active lifestyles, and to advocate for the development of multi-use trails. We have compiled bike and ped routes & maps within the Evansville area and listed them here. Our goal is to be a resource to our community, bring awareness to resources we currently have and to advocate for the completion of vital segments within our greenway and existing bike ped network. Full connectivity is the end result! If you know of a walking map, or bike route not listed, please share it with us.


Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage

Evansville’s Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage is 6.75 miles of separated and protected urban trail that connects our city core. View or download a map of the current Greenway passage brochure.


Evansville Trails Coalition Map

The Evansville Trails Coalition regional map features Evansville area trails and is currently being updated. Trails and greenways help to promote physical activity, which is ever important in this era of obesity and other chronic illnesses directly related to the lack of exercise. If people in our community have the opportunity to walk and ride bikes safely, they take advantage of it. View The Evansville Trails Coalition regional map here.


West Side Trails

The Westside Improvement Association has created 13 miles of Trails from existing infrastructure, including two urban trails and two scenic trails that take you from the Greenway trailhead on Franklin St. to all the best stops on the Westside: Reitz Hill, Howell Wetlands, Golfmoor Park, and the Helfrich Park Loop.



While this is not a comprehensive list of ALL the great places to walk in Evansville, it is a great start in experiencing Evansville on the original transportation option... your feet! An Upgrade is a simple lifestyle change that can have lasting health benefits. Follow the Upgrade signage, get your steps in, and see 27 awesome places of interest in our city. Upgrade is an initiative of the Welborn Baptist Foundation. View the walking and biking maps from Walk EVV.


Burdette Park Discovery Trail - Discovering the River-Bottoms

This trail is a key connection to an area of river bottom land, with an additional 32.35 miles of paved roads currently signed for bicycle use south of Burdette Park. Click to see the Burdette Discovery Trail, Discovering the River-Bottoms Brochure


USI Trails and USI to Burdette Park TraiL

The USI-Burdette Trail is a three-mile paved trail and is the result of a USI/Burdette Park partnership. It is a diverse, interesting, and educational route for hikers, bicyclists, and runners. The scenic trail allows users to witness Southwestern Indiana’s natural beauty while connecting a picturesque park with one of the nation’s most beautiful college campuses. The USI-Burdette Park Trail is a designated destination point of the American Discovery Trail, which passes through Southern Indiana. The trail also has been named a National Recreation Trail by the Secretary of the Interior. Click to visit:  USI/Burdette Park trails page. To view trails maps - Click here: Bent Twig Trail , USI Burdette Trail , South Campus Trail


Evansville Bicycle Club Map Routes

Need a longer ride? The Evansville Bicycle Club has mapped out several routes with ranging from 12 to 122 miles. Check out their routes, see their ride schedules, and connect with a community of Trailblazers.


Evansville Bike and Pedestrian Connectivity Master Plan

Evansville is working hard to become a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly city. Every year more bike lanes, protected pedestrian paths, and cycle tracks are added to the city’s bicycle grid. See the Evansville MPO's Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Master Plan.


Vanderburgh County Department of Health

The Evansville In Motion booklet was developed after three nurses from the Vanderburgh County Health Department, Carol Anderson, Sherry Hurt and Louise Kiesler, attended a chronic disease conference. Visit their webpage HERE. To view the brochure and maps, click this link: Evansville in Motion


Scott Park Hiking Trails

Scott Township Park is located at 2112 Schlensker Rd, Evansville, IN 47725, in Vanderburgh County, IN, north of Evansville. In 2003, Scott Township built this park to help bring a place for outdoor exercise and recreation. Scott Park is 37 acres  and contains 5 walking trails through the wooded land. Visit their website here: Scott Park  Visit additional details at ScottParkHiking


Warrick Trails

Our friends in Warrick County have a fantastic vision and are taking action on implementation. See what they’re up to and take an afternoon to experience Warrick Trails.


Friends of Angel Mounds Hiking and Biking Trails

Woodland Trails:  Beyond the archaeological site are walking and biking trails through the wooded section of Angel Mounds’ property.  Maintained mostly by volunteers, these trails are free and accessible anytime from one of three parking locations. Vehicles using the Angel Mounds parking lot must be out by 5:00 P.M. Central Time (Dogs must be on a leash). Click HERE to see the map. 

Muskhoge Trail: This trail is maintained by the Muskhogen Trail Committee, Boy Scout Troop 301, Methodist Temple.  It is a time honored tradition for scouts to make the six-mile, one-pass hike, or double-back for a 10-mile hike. Click HERE to view or download the brochure. 


American Discovery Trails - Indiana Trails

Walk Across America:  is a route for walking across the country mainly followed the American Discovery Trail, featured on here to visit the page. Visit the Indiana Trails Community page: MAPS