Currently Planned or Underway City/County Projects

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Eagle Creek Trail

A design plan commissioned by the Evansville Trails Coalition in 2013 and developed by New Image Design, at the University of Evansville under the direction of Dr. Brian J. Swenty, Ph.D., P.E., this design was submitted for the Indiana Next Level Trails Grant, February 14 2019 by the Evansville Department of Parks and Recreation. Although not awarded, plans to apply for the November 1, 2019 grant cycle is underway.

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Evansville Bike and Pedestrian Connectivity Master Plan

Evansville is working hard to become a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly city. Every year more bike lanes, protected pedestrian paths, and cycle tracks are added to the city’s bicycle grid. See the Evansville MPO's Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Master Plan.


Proposed Walnut Street Project Plan

Proposed Walnut Street Project Plan

The Walnut Street Project corridor is approximately 3.1 miles and is identified as a "road diet project" reducing the number of vehicular traffic lanes from four to three. The project to improve Walnut Street involves rehabilitation of the pavement, curbs and gutters, and south sidewalk, along with replacing the north sidewalk with a multi-use trail. Preliminary engineering started Spring of 2018 and construction is currently scheduled to begin in 2020. This is a multi-use trail that begins from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Vann Avenue. Get additional information on the Evansville City webpage here:
See the latest presentation slides from the March 12, 2019 public meeting held at the C.K. Newsome Center: 3/12/19 Presentation Slides


The Evansville Trails Coalition had the opportunity to advocate on behalf of City Ordinance #F-2018-20 (North District Project Plans) before the City Council, October 8, 2018. Ordinance #F-2018-20 was passed and the project plans are moving forward. There are several sidewalks and bike lanes within this project that will connect to our current Trails network that ends at Lynch Rd. Once complete, the Northside residents will have access to downtown. This is a vital segment in reaching full connectivity.

Oak Hill Road: This road will be constructed in two phases:  Lynch Road to Eastwood Drive and Eastwood Drive to the Hedden Road/Millersburg Road roundabout.  The road will have bike lanes and a sidewalk along one side.  This will match the design the City of Evansville used when Oak Hill was reconstructed south of Lynch Road.  In addition to the road projects, a standalone trail will also be constructed between the Hedden Road/Millersburg Road roundabout and Kansas Road. 

Boonville New Harmony Road: This road will be reconstructed between Petersburg Road and SR 57.  A standalone trail will provided on the south side of the road.  A section of trail or sidewalk will also be constructed between SR 57 and Green River Road even though that section of road will not be reconstructed.  This will allow a connection between the Boonville New Harmony trail and the bike lanes and sidewalks that will be constructed on Green River Road.

Kansas Road: Kansas Road will be reconstructed between Petersburg Road and Seib Road, and between Oak Hill Road and Green River Road.  A sidewalk will be provide along one side of Kansas Road as a part of the reconstruction.

Green River Road Trail: A standalone trail will be constructed along Green River Road between Lenape Lane and Millersburg Road.  The trail will run along the east side of Green River between Lenape and Hightower, and it will be located on the west side of Green River between Hightower and Millersburg.


The 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan for Evansville and Vanderburgh County is the guide for decisions that relate to land use and the framework for the ongoing land use planning process. The intent is to guide growth in a manner that supports and reinforces the community qualities important to City and County residents. These qualities include employment and housing opportunities, safety and security, quality schools, neighborhoods with a strong sense of community, and a clean environment. All these amenities are important to our quality of life. This Plan presents a general vision of Evansville’s future which is expressed through population, housing and employment projections, designating appropriate areas for development of specific land uses, and incorporating a series of action plans. These action plans focus on improving the quality of life through incorporating decisive statements that embody the community’s long-range goals, objectives and policies concerning growth and the actions necessary to implement those statements. Citizen involvement in the Plan update process and in formulating these land use policies is the means to keep the Plan current and to achieve the desired vision for the community. See the details HERE


A Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is a legal document that combines the traditional zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations, along with other desired regulations such as design guidelines, sign regulations, etc. into one comprehensive document. The new UDO will govern land use, the subdivision of land, and development patterns in both Evansville and Vanderburgh County. For more information, visit the page HERE


Evansville/Vanderburgh Completed Projects



This trail’s name stems from its historical use as a rail way within the Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation and was a railroad which operated lines here in Indiana, as well as in Illinois and Ohio. It ceased operations in 1997. The railroad was known for its extensive use of locomotives built by the American Locomotive Company.

This trail opened in November 9, 2018 and is currently the newest completed trail segment in Evansville. It is a 2.5 mile stretch of trail that runs along the west side of Highway 41, begins at Riverside Dr. and ends on Walnut Street, connecting to the Oakhill multi-use trail that begins at Walnut Street (East of Highway 41) and ends at East Virginia Street. Check out our Facebook post with additional project photos here: 


North Main Street at Franklin Street intersection.

North Main Street at Franklin Street intersection.

The North Main Street complete street multi-use trail is currently complete and in the process of beautification with flowers and other added amenities. 


The Virginia Street multi-use trail is a .6/mile connecting segment that runs from First Avenue to North Main Street. 



The Oak Hill Road segment begins at Walnut Street and connects to the bike route at East Virginia Street.

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