Become a Trail Blazer


What if there was one thing that by doing it, has been proven to bring economic development, retain and attract next generation talent, encourage diverse interactions, and increase the health and activity of a community … all while use of the “product” was relatively fun and engaging for the users themselves?

If such a silver bullet existed, would you not like to join a movement to see this one thing go on the rise? Wouldn’t you like to share this information with your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues? Wouldn’t you like to personally invest—at least in some small way—to see it become a reality? And wouldn’t you want the city and community at large to do the same?

Such a silver bullet does in fact exist—and it is the existence of a multi-use trail system that creates a network of connectivity that allows for a walkable urban core of a City.

What we would like to do is introduce you—or reintroduce you—to Evansville Trails Coalition. We have gone through an internal rebranding in order to better facilitate Trail usage and development in the Evansville region. As we release content that helps you get to know us, we hope that you will join us if you identify with our mission and vision and become a ‘Trailblazer’.

This is merely the handshake. We will develop and release more content around Who? What? Why? And How? As we go. For now, here is the briefest of previews of what is next:


We will share the Mission, Vision and Values of Evansville Trails with you, but more importantly, we want to share you—the Trails Tribe—with the rest of the City. We want to highlight Trail users and help build a community of Trail supporters.


This is the information and education piece. Did you know that Evansville has a Complete Street Policy? Did you know that two pieces of construction will begin in 2018 on the Greenway? Did you know that there are funded plans for the largest human engineered Wetlands in America with a coinciding Trail system? We want to help share the information on what is happening with Trails in Evansville.


See the Silver Bullet above. We want to continue to make the case and build resources to clearly show that Trails are not an option for a thriving future Evansville, but a non-negotiable.


But we want to do all of this in a fun way. We want to do experiments, make interesting videos, get people out in our City participating in the movement as owners and users. And occasionally we will call you—the Trails Tribe—to act together as a unified voice to see positive transformation happen.

We are inviting you to go on this journey with us and become a Trailblazer. Like, Follow, Subscribe to our outlets. Get to know us, get to know one another, and together we can make an impact.