Bike Share Update: One Year Later

Credit: Zagster

Credit: Zagster

Evansville is closing in on the 1-year anniversary of the launch of Upgrade Bike Share. The program has been wildly successful as nearly 5,000 trips have been taken and 2,200 active members have utilized the system. Any naysaying about our city not needing or using a bike share system has been completely smashed by the real-time data showing a quick adoption of the program by Evansville. Thanks to all our riders! Here are five more quick observations about what the data is telling us:

  1. Millennials want Bike Share and use it. Of those 5,000 trips, 75% have been taken by Millennials (18-36). The next generation of leaders in our community want to see these types of amenities in their city, and we are happy to provide the service.
  2. Users want safe rides. Nearly 45% of total trips begin and end at the Pagoda Station which sits on the Greenway. The safer the rider feels, the more likely they will ride. This is an important learning for more protected and separated bike lanes in Evansville.
  3. Users want community. The heavy Pagoda Station usage also tells us people want to be out and about where other people are. The higher the volume of community, the higher likelihood of usage.
  4. Our network is used for Recreation-Entertainment. The average ride in Evansville is 48 minutes, which is significantly higher than the national average. Upgrade Bike Share is helping people live more active lifestyles!
  5. Endless potential exists for Upgrade Bike Share. There is opportunity to expand the network for connectivity and commuting. And all this usage has happened without intensive marketing and by early adopters. There is much more possible for Bike Share in Evansville!

So What’s Next…

2018 will be about leveraging this strong foundation to expand the network and see Upgrade Bike Share integrated into the operating system of Evansville. We want to get stations near our visitor locales—hotels, event centers, tourism spots, expand our connectivity in center city, and create diversity by getting stations into different neighborhoods. More than anything we are looking for more users, more Trailblazers, so hop and a bike and ride!

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