A Website for the Community

Credit: Photography by Alex Morgan Imaging

Credit: Photography by Alex Morgan Imaging

The mission of the Evansville Trails Coalition is to connect people and places, promote active lifestyles, and advocate for the development of multi-use trails. We wanted a website that reflected this mission for our community, but had you — our Trail Blazers — in mind!

So here’s a breakdown of what you will find on our revamped site, and how you can engage in our three areas of focus: Connectivity, Activity, and Development:

Trail blazer:

If you identify with the mission and vision of ETC and want to help our city move forward, then you are a Trail Blazer. Sign-up to get swag, get notifications of events, learn more about multi-use trails in Evansville, and have the opportunity to act as a unified community

Maps & Plans:

Know where the Trailheads for the Greenway are? Do you know the safest routes of travel on your bike? Have you seen the progress our friends at Warrick Trails have made? In our maps and plans, find what you need to know about active transportation in Evansville.

Upgrade Bike Share:

We are proud to host Zagster’s Upgrade Bike Share for Evansville. This page will help you locate stations, give instructions for getting on a bike, and provide a snapshot of how many trips have been taken and number active members in our bike share program.

Bike Incentive:

27 local businesses are already participating in our bike incentive program. And we hope to launch two more cultural districts by the end of the year! Find the participating businesses and what incentives they offer.


This will be the main outlet for web-based advocacy for multi-use trail development as we educate and inform our community through regular blog posts … hopefully in a fun and engaging way! Read the latest.

We are always open to receiving input on how to make this a site for YOU. We want it to be used by our Trail Blazers, so let us know what you need.

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